06-03-2017 Digits source code is now licensed under the GPL going forwards! Hack away!

Older news:
29-12-2016 Digits 64-bit for Windows made public
19-09-2016 Digits 2.1 has been released for Mac and Windows!
13-04-2016 Digits 2 has been released for Mac and Windows!
16-12-2014 Phase84, based on the Digits synth engine, is here!
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26-11-2012: Digits 1.3E (PC+Mac): Windows XP and AudioUnit support!
15-11-2012: Digits 1.3C (PC): Digits 1.3 for Windows and Linux is out!
04-11-2012: Digits 1.3C (Mac): Fix issues running on 10.5
02-11-2012: Digits 1.3 (Mac) released- huge update!
02-06-2012: Digits 1.2 released

Digits VSTi is here! Digits is a phase distortion synthesizer inspired by Casio's CZ series but takes that form of synthesis to the limit. Create warm pads, glitchy sounds, dirty basses, filthy sweeps, screaming leads, and anything in-between.

The interface is minimal and designed to enable the user to create sounds from scratch in record time! And, if you're too busy for that, it comes with over 70 lush presets that run the gamut from pads to stabs, leads and basses.

Listen to the wide range of sounds Digits can produce. Every sound in this song was done using this free plugin:

Digits VST can be downloaded at no charge, but if you like what you hear, please spread the word, list it in your liner notes, etc!

Download Digits
Digits 2.1 for Macintosh (32 and 64-bit)
Digits 2.1 for Windows (32 and 64-bit)
Digits 2.1 for Linux (32 and 64-bit) (faceless)

2015 Microsoft VC++ Redistributable (required for Windows)
GPL'd source code for Digits

Older Versions:
Digits 1.3E for Macintosh (32 and 64-bit)
Digits 1.3E for Windows (32-bit)

New in Version 2.1
Now over 100 presets!
Fixed bug where the first time Digits was instantiated in Renoise there
was a chance it couldn't produce audio
Fixed bug where save dialog wouldn't close it user hit "save" before pressing enter
Fixed bug where fade parameter didn't always function if sustain not at maximum
Fixed patch restoring in FL Studio
Crisper tone

New in Version 2.0
3 LFOs with more options such as optional repeat and 4 waveshapes
Aftertouch and mod wheel mapping
True analog filter emulation if needed (6dB, 12dB, 18dB and 24dB/oct)
Analog-emulation chorus/flanger and harmonic bitcrush effects
Rate and level scaling
Full ADSR + fade envelopes
Asymmetric pitchbend
More voice modes such as PolyGlide, and MonoGlide
Redesigned interface
Even more presets!

New in Version 1.3
Full editor GUI! (Windows and Mac)
Much lower CPU usage
New global gain setting
Gain defaults to -3db if not set
(e.g., all old patches/projects default to -3db)
Better bank/patch support
New patch directory layout
1.3C: Fix incompatibility with older Mac OS (tested on 10.5)
1.3C: Fix font color
1.3C (Win): Fixed dampening knob behavior
1.3E: Digits now comes as an AudioUnit
1.3E: Digits now works on Windows XP again and doesn't require MSVCR10.dll
1.3E: Fixed bugs involving changing sampling rate while playing

New in Version 1.2
Fixed memory leak on instantiation
Better FruityLoops support
Added "fade" option to sustain stage of envelopes
More and better presets
LFO->pitch mod with noise is improved
64-bit Linux version

Special thanks to Oscar Røhling for Windows testing and to Amy Lee for testing on Mac

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Digits 2.1 (Mac OS X, 64/32-bit)
Digits 2.1 (Windows 64/32-bit)
Digits 2.1 (Linux 64/32-bit faceless)
Digits 2.1 (Source Code)

Be sure to get the 2015 Microsoft VC Redistributable
if you are on Windows here!

Screenshot of Digits 2.0